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Transfer Switch

A transfer switch is an essential piece of equipment that allows your generator to work as quickly and smoothly as possible. It regulates the flow of utility and generator power for increased safety and functionality that is crucial to any home or business.

At All American Generator Services, we carry Generac transfer switches. As a certified Generac dealer, we sell many of their high-quality products. We also have the knowledge and experience to install and service them so that they provide superior, long-lasting performance.

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Connecting Your Home or Business to Your Generator

A transfer switch connects your generator to your home’s or business’ utility power. When your power goes out, your transfer switch activates your generator with speed and precision. Without a transfer switch, you would have to manually connect the generator to the equipment you want to power, which is much less efficient and effective. Using a generator transfer switch for your backup power supply simplifies your power connections for a faster, safer process.

Transfer switches control the flow of power so there is no overlap between utility and generator power. Power connections made without the use of a switch can be extremely dangerous due to the massive electrical load that many high-powered appliances carry. Without a transfer switch to regulate power, there is a higher risk of equipment damage and physical injury. Because of these risks, transfer switches are required to ensure you are up to electrical code.

A Generac transfer switch keeps your home or business safe by eliminating the need for long and potentially hazardous cord setups. Instead, your home transfer switch is installed next to your electrical panel so your generator only needs to connect to a single source.

Types of Transfer Switches

There are two main types of transfer switches that can be used to power an entire household, commercial business or just essential appliances:

  • Manual transfer switch: A manual transfer switch gives you the option to manually transfer power from utility to generator. It offers you more control over your generator’s operation and allows you to choose when you want to use it.
  • Automatic transfer switch: An automatic transfer switch makes power management simple by distributing power automatically in the event of an outage. It delivers power to your generator without user interaction, giving you peace of mind that power will be delivered to your home or business when it’s needed, even if you’re not there.

Whether you want to keep your home running as normal, your business fully powered or your medical equipment running reliably, you’ll find a Generac transfer switch solution for all your needs.

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All American Generator provides generator manual and automatic transfer switches to customers in Ventura, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties. If you are looking for a new backup power supply or want to improve your current one, our experts are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can install your transfer switch.