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While you probably rely on electricity in almost every part of your daily life, inclement weather and natural disasters can make electricity unpredictable. A power outage can be a huge inconvenience, leaving your home in the dark or your business without the equipment it needs to function. That’s why All American Generator Services offers business and home generator installations in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles Counties.

We install high-quality American-made generators for local families and business leaders. Whatever the circumstances, we’ll develop a plan that fits your needs and budget. Our generator and automatic transfer switch installation services can help keep you up and running, during any emergencies.

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Home Standby Generator Installation

At All American Generator Services, our residential generator installation services are designed to help you prepare for every disaster by ensuring you have access to reliable backup power.

Our technicians will help you choose the appropriate location for the generator before preparing the site for installation. We’ll then place the generator on the gravel or concrete slab, connect fuel and electrical lines, and ensure everything works as it should with an outage simulation.

Our residential generator installation services also come with flexible financing, which you can learn more about by applying for the Generac Credit Card.

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Builder Alliance

We offer residential generator transfer switch and unit installations for homebuilders with the Generac Builders Alliance. This can be a great option for those interested in setting up new homes with backup generators. If you have a contractor building your home, great! We can work directly with your contractor to get your installation accomplished! All American Generator uses an efficient installation process to save time, which can help you finish your projects more cost-effectively.

Business Standby Generator Installation

Unexpected power outages can lead to major business downtime — and in many cases, more downtime than you can afford. As a business owner, you have a schedule to keep. Our commercial generator installation services in Chatsworth and the surrounding areas can help you maintain security and productivity, even in unpredictable times.

Wildfires, earthquakes, other weather disasters, and local power failures including brown outs become more manageable when you invest in our backup power solutions.

Most commercial generator companies take a day or two. You can expect our team of plumbers and licensed electricians to:

  • Install your transfer switch.
  • Move your generator into place.
  • Connect electric lines from your generator to your transfer switch.
  • Make the proper connections from the generator to the fuel source.

After hooking up the fuel and electricity connections, your generator is ready to operate and protect your business.


The Benefits of Generators

Generator transfer switch installations for businesses offer many benefits, including:

  • Which aspects of your power supply are automatically switched over and which are impacted 
  • Reduced financial liability
  • Decreased company downtime
  • Remote monitoring options

Our generators are reliable and durable enough to deliver power for your entire home or business. We also offer warranty maintenance and repairs for our generators and system components. If we install a generator for you and any issues pop up, we’ll return to do the necessary repairs. You can also schedule regular maintenance to keep your unit running properly.

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Contact All American Generator Services Today

Buying a backup generator for your home or business is easier than ever when you work with professional installers. We’ll help you schedule an installation or service today so you can feel confident in your backup generator’s performance.

For more information about our commercial and home generator installations in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties, contact us today. You can give us a call at 818-340-4767 or fill out our contact form at any time, and we’ll be there to help.