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Generac’s HomeLink™ 50A MTS is designed for generators with a 50-amp 14-50 receptacle and at least 5 kilowatts (kW). If you want a simple way to power your septic pump, lights and major appliances when the power goes out, installation from All American Generator Services and a manual transfer switch from Generac provides a hassle-free and innovative solution.

What Is the Generac HomeLink™ 50A MTS?

Generac’s HomeLink™ 50A manual transfer switch lets you easily flip from utility power to generator power when necessary — no extension cords needed. Power up to 16 circuits and keep your well pump, lights, fridge and other essentials functional when the power cuts out.

This manual transfer switch is pre-wired, which makes installation easier and less expensive. It is also flexible enough to be used for automatic functionality if you have a generator of 12kW or less.

Generac’s HomeLink™ 50A manual transfer switch features innovative OneTouch technology, which lets you switch between generator and utility power with the press of one button. Status lights let you know exactly which power mod you’re using. Forget about complicated generator setups that take as long to start up as an outage. With Generac’s HomeLink™ manual transfer switch, you can get power running from a generator to your most important circuits easily and quickly.

Why Call All American Generator Services for Your Manual Transfer Switch?

As a PowerPro Premier Generac Dealer with over three decades of experience, All American Generator Services is uniquely poised to help you set up a manual transfer switch for your comfort and convenience. We’re very familiar with Generac products, meaning we install to code and can help you select the right manual transfer switch for your needs. As a veteran- and family-owned business, we are detail-oriented and treat you like relatives. We take our commitment to safeguarding you and your household seriously.

Contact All American Generator Services today for pricing on Generac’s HomeLink™ 50A manual transfer switch.