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HomeLink transfer switch
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Backing up key appliances such as your gas furnace, lights, well pump, freezer and kitchen appliances is mission-critical. The Generac HomeLinkā„¢ 30A manual transfer switch with an aluminum inlet box and generator cord from All American Generator Services has you covered. When the power goes out, your most vital systems and appliances usually cannot run with extension and power cords alone. In these cases, Generacā€™s HomeLinkā„¢ manual transfer switch lets you keep your lights on.

What Is the Generac HomeLinkā„¢ 30A Manual Transfer Switch With an AluminumĀ Inlet Box and Generator Cord?

Generacā€™s HomeLinkā„¢ manual transfer switch powers appliances. American-engineered and built from U.S. and foreign parts, it can work with most generators that have a 30-amp receptacle and are from 5 to 11 kilowatts (kW). This manual transfer switch is easy to install. This flexible option also lets you change the original controller so you donā€™t need a new transfer switch and can use the HomeLinkā„¢ switch with automatic functionality.

With the HomeLinkā„¢ manual transfer switch, you can power up to 10 circuits. Enjoy quick changes between generator and utility use with the handy OneTouch transfer button. If a power outage occurs, powering your most critical hard-wired appliances and systems is as simple as pressing a button. A glance at OneTouch also lets you see which power type is in use, thanks to the generator and utility power status lights.

Why Get Your Generac HomeLinkā„¢ Manual Transfer Switch From All American Generator Services?

Generac recommends that their HomeLinkā„¢ 30A manual transfer switch with an aluminum inlet box and generator cord be installed by a professional electrician. With All American Generator Services, you get the benefit of trained professionals with over 30 years of experience in California power and business power solutions. We treat you like family and can install your transfer switch correctly for your peace of mind. As a PowerPro Premier Generac Dealer, weā€™re poised to ensure your Generac transfer switch meets your specific needs.

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