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Matthew S

Matthew S, Yelp

My generator was installed yesterday. ¬†Yesterday was also the day of the first El Nino rainstorm. ¬†Since it had been forecasted to hit the day of my installation, I called All American a day or two before and told them I was fine if they wanted to re-schedule. ¬†They assured me it was ¬†no problem. ¬†They day the crew showed up, I all but begged them not to do the installation, as I was worried about them attempting the installation in such inclement weather. ¬†Devan, the project lead, assured me they could handle it. ¬†I then watched them complete the installation In one of the most severe rainstorms I’ve ever seen.

Devan, Oliver, and the rest of the team could not have been better. ¬†They were very professional, but also very personable. ¬†You could tell by their rapport that they worked well together. ¬†They showed up early, and finished on time, despite the severe weather. ¬†I can’t say enough good things about them.

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Jennifer K

Jennifer K, Yelp

I highly recommend using All American Generators for your generator needs. I contacted about 5 different companies and All American Generators was far above and beyond any other company out there. I mostly received quotes from other electrical companies, but for a generator, you need a company that specializes specifically in the installation and management of a generator. I spoke with Kenny Marshall who was a pleasure to deal with. I even got the Mobile Link so that our generator sends me a text when its running. Very awesome!

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D T, Yelp

After a very negative experience with first generator installation, we were understandably wary of going down this road a second time. ¬†Kenny was extremely knowledgeable and incredibly patient and thorough. ¬†He took the time to really understand our needs, answer all of our questions/concerns and help us narrow down to a few options and then ultimately pick one that was the perfect choice. ¬†His crew was prompt, courteous and professional. ¬†The installation was executed flawlessly and we couldn’t be happier with the end result. ¬†I definitely recommend Kenny and his team.

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Robert S

Robert S, Yelp

I can’t say enough good things about this company. ¬†Very professional! ¬†Kenny and his crew installed, activated and inspected the Generac generator I had purchased (although they said it’s easier if you just buy if from them and I believe it as they are heavy) and then did a heck of a job with clean up all in the same day! ¬†Everything works like a dream. ¬†They will even come back to service and inspect every 6 months. ¬†Highly recommended!

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Ed G

Ed G, Yelp

This is the place to install or service your Generac generator…. We had ours installed by someone else and started up by another Generac Dealer.Neither of these two could it running properly.I had to call All American to get things going and maintained perfectly.. This was the place where they actually know what they are doing… I would start here and eliminate all your concerns about installation and or service.

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