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Matthew S

Matthew S, Yelp

My generator was installed yesterday. ¬†Yesterday was also the day of the first El Nino rainstorm. ¬†Since it had been forecasted to hit the day of my installation, I called All American a day or two before and told them I was fine if they wanted to re-schedule. ¬†They assured me it was ¬†no problem. ¬†They day the crew showed up, I all but begged them not to do the installation, as I was worried about them attempting the installation in such inclement weather. ¬†Devan, the project lead, assured me they could handle it. ¬†I then watched them complete the installation In one of the most severe rainstorms I’ve ever seen.

Devan, Oliver, and the rest of the team could not have been better. ¬†They were very professional, but also very personable. ¬†You could tell by their rapport that they worked well together. ¬†They showed up early, and finished on time, despite the severe weather. ¬†I can’t say enough good things about them.