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Jim P

Jim P, Yelp

I want to start of by saying that I contacted Generac for the names of dealers. ¬†I was given 3 names. ¬†The first one I contacted wanted to know about my square footage and gave me a phone estimate maybe because they were too lazy to come to my house. ¬†The second company I contacted did send someone over. ¬†He took about 5 minutes, looked at my property didn’t offer any conversation except to say he would send a proposal. ¬†Third company I contacted was All American Generator Services. ¬†They had a tech in the area that came the same day!! ¬†His name was Devon. ¬†Now I showed Devon where I wanted the unit and he took the time to explain to me why I couldn’t but it where I wanted. ¬†He took the time to show me all my choices and did an outstanding job of answering any questions that I had. ¬†I decided this was the company I wanted to do business with. My house is 3400 sq/ft. ¬†I ordered the 20kw system. ¬†I worked with Stephanie at their office, setting up an appointment which was a snap. ¬†Stephanie advised me that the installers would arrive between 6 and 7 am. ¬†At precisely 6 am they were at the front door. ¬†My two installers were Tanner and Oliver. ¬†I can’t say enough about how professional they were and what an outstanding installation they did. ¬†They were done my 1pm. ¬†I have read the 2 bad reviews about this company. ¬†Must have been a fluke. ¬†Highly recommend them.