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When you face an outage, you need a generator that can power your entire home or business, no matter how large your building is or how many items need electricity. Generac’s Protector® Series has the power you need and works within seconds of sensing an outage, so your most essential electronics remain virtually uninterrupted.

The Protector RG060 standby generator hooks directly to your existing LP or natural gas lines for constant fuel access, meaning you never have to worry about refueling. It starts as soon as it detects an outage, providing power to your entire home, and will continue operating until it senses utility power has been restored.

Like all Generac generators, the 60KW Protector RG060 has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its superior performance. It offers reliable standby power generation and several unique, user-friendly features that help you make the most of your new generator. Key features of Generac’s Protector RG060 include:

  • Evolution™ smart controller: Part of Generac’s sophisticated but intuitive design, the Evolution smart controller features a two-line, multilingual screen that gives users access to the unit’s battery status and maintenance information.
  • Quiet-Test™ self-test mode: Standby generators periodically run self-tests to ensure they remain in peak condition. With Generac’s Quiet-Test mode, your machine will self-test at a lower RPM, saving fuel and reducing noise.
  • RhinoCoat™ finish: The Protector RG060 is housed in an aluminum enclosure coated with RhinoCoat powder-coating finish. This finish enhances the enclosure’s protective abilities, preventing corrosion and exposure to the elements.
  • Mobile Link™ compatibility: Another smart control, Mobile Link allows you to connect with your generator from your smart device wherever you are. Check your generator’s operating status and any maintenance alerts to monitor its performance without being nearby.
  • Truepower™ Technology: Protect delicate electronics from surges with Generac’s Truepower Technology. This feature delivers smooth, clean electricity with a total harmonic distortion of less than 5%.

All American Generator Services is your trusted source for the nation’s most reliable Generac generators. Contact our team today to find out more and request pricing information.


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